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Warehouse-IT Software Proposal


Kuepper International is a South African based software development house specializing in the Logistics Industry. Having deployed over 100 systems locally and internationally, our senior partners collectively have 40 years of experience in software design and development. Our 2 flagship products are the Winfreight system (FMS) and the Warehouse-IT system (WMS).


Warehouse-IT is a warehouse management System designed to manage all the operations within a warehousing environment. The system is a windows based application running off a SQL database, deployed in a client-server setup. Below are some key system features:

• GRN Management
• Dispatch Management
• Multiple warehouse\item management
• Picking slips and delivery notes
• Stock control
• Item tracking
• Stock movement tracking
• Serial No. tracking
• Faulty items tracking and reporting
• Bulk item re-location
• Comprehensive reporting
• Financials
• Broking Module
• Barcoding and handheld scanner interface.
• SMS interface
• Stock Variances
• Stock take
• Document Imaging

Solution Summary

Company A in South Africa is currently seeking a solution to manage the flow of products through the various stages in the workshop and warehouse cycle. The Warehouse-IT system will run as a standalone application, integrating to the existing on-site system where needed (to include SAP / Accpac / Pastel etc.).

GRN \ Receiving

All products entering the warehouse storage area are received into the system by means of a GRN. The Main GRN detail will be obtained from SAP (Integration), allowing the users to just scan the items by means of a barcode scanner. The system will do the necessary validation and audit checks to ensure all items are received correctly and in full.

Put Away

Once Received, products are consolidated and automatically allocated to a bin location based on various criteria \ rules entered into the system. Typical criteria would consist of Product type, space availability etc.

This process will be carried out with a mobile Scanner (PDA), prompting the user to first scan the allocated bin location and then to scan the products into the allocated bin location. This ensures the products are placed in the correct locations, and are put away in full.

All transaction carried out on mobile scanners are updated in real-time, eliminating the need to dock and download information after the scanning process is completed.

Molding Supply (PD Issue) / Packing Supply (AS Issue)

For the purpose of this document, these 2 processes have been combined to due to similar process requirements.

By means of integration to SAP, a supply order is generated on the Warehouse-IT system detailing product types and quantities. Picking slips for each order are generated and uploaded to mobile scanners, detailing the product location and quantities. Pickers will carry out the pick instruction by accepting \ activating the instruction, and then scanning the specified bin location and product barcodes. This method ensures that the correct quantities of the correct product are picked from the correct location.

Stock items are automatically put on hold once they have been allocated to a picking slip, allowing controllers to accurately see the “Stock on Hand” – “Stock in Pick” split when viewing stock levels.

Picking time should decrease due to the staff not having to locate items in the warehouse before picking. Each user will be required to log into the mobile device before carrying out the pick instructions, allowing the system to track\report on various picking stats:

• Average pick time per instruction.
• Average pick time per user.
• Picks per hour.
• Projected picks per shift.

The picked stock is then moved to the “PD issue” or “AS Issue” location, and a bulk stock movement transaction is processed on the Warehouse-IT system to ensure the stock locations off all items are updated. It is imperative that all stock movements are recorded into the system to ensure stock reporting is 100% accurate.

Distribution Orders

The Warehouse-IT system will list all orders due for dispatch, indicating orders ready for picking, and incomplete orders.

Once the supervisor has selected the orders to be dispatched, these are uploaded to the mobile scanners and the picker carries out the instruction. The process of picking will be much the same as the “PD Issue” & “AS Issue” – the picker will scan the bin location first and then scan the products out of that bin location. Once the correct quantity of products has been scanned, the picker is directed to the next location.

Once the pick is complete, the order is closed and a delivery note is printed. The same picking reports\stats mentioned in “PD Issue” & “AS Issue” are available for this process.

Having many years of experience in the freight industry, and numerous inhouse\dispatch sites – we are able to incorporate a dispatch module to control the out scanning and manifesting of goods leaving the warehouse. Furthermore this functionality can be extended to the distributors to ensure the receive all the goods that were dispatched to them, the result of this is an end to end track & trace system.

Stock Take \ Cycle Counts

Stock takes and cycle counts will be carried out in a similar manner – the supervisor will select either a part count or a full count and the system will then generate a stock take based on the criteria entered. The stock take order will be uploaded to the mobile scanner, detailing each product to be counted and the various locations where the product is stored. The user will not see the current quantity on hand for obvious reasons. Once the scan is completed and the supervisor has closed off the stock take, a discrepancy report will be generated showing all stock variances. Based on this, a re-count order will be generated and uploaded to the mobile devices and the user will again have to scan these items. Supervisor will have access to override system quantities should the stock take prove to be correct.


A phased implementation approach will be taken:

• Phase1 (3 Weeks)
o Installation and Configuration of Warehouse-IT
o GRN \ Receiving
o Put Away
o PD Issue & As Issue
• Phase2 (2 weeks)
o Distribution Orders
o Stock Take \ Cycle Count
• Phase3 (2 weeks)
o Distributor Track & Trace

The IT representative from Company A will be required to assist where needed, especially on the integration issues.

Pro-Forma Costing (Discounts on Users and Volume when requested)

Being a locally owned business, Kuepper International is able to offer a cost effective solution.

Item Charge Type Cost (Excl VAT)

Software Rental (20 users) Monthly R20 000.00

Software Rental (10 add-on users) Monthly R8 500.00

Support (8am – 6:30pm) Monthly Included

Support (6:30pm – 8:00am) Monthly R10 000.00

Web Based Distributor Track & Trace add-on Monthly R8 000-00

The monthly rental is a fixed monthly rental based on a 12 month rental agreement. This includes support, installation, training, customization etc.

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